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- Adult Guardianship -

Sometimes, due to the effects of aging, disease or injury, people need help managing some or all of their daily affairs. One way of doing this is the establishment of a guardianship. A guardianship is a relationship established by a court of law between the person who needs help – called a ward – and the person or entity named by the court to help the ward. This person or entity is known as a guardian.

Since guardianship affects a person’s rights, it is important to know the implications of guardianship and explore other alternatives and choices before taking steps to have one established. We can help you decide which answer – guardianship or another option – is the best. Some people need a guardian for their entire adult life because of long-term disabilities, while others may need a guardian as a result of a brain injury or other traumatic event. Still others may need a guardian as age, physical infirmities and diseases affect their ability to provide for themselves. In many cases, once a guardian is appointed for an individual, the guardianship becomes permanent. Exceptions occur when the conditions and circumstances change significantly and a guardianship is no longer needed.